Final Presentation Schedule

On Wednesday, December 14, your final research paper and presentation will be due. Here is the order of presentations:

1 7 Idiatu
2 5 Cherishe
3 4 Alex Cruz
4 13 Isabelle
5 11 Jamika
6 6 Eli
7 1 Angeli
8 3 Melissa
9 8 Alix Joseph
10 12 Alexander Thompson-Burton
11 2 Michael
12 9 Creunis
13 10 Ethan

Remember: Bring your presentation PowerPoint on a flash drive (and email it to yourself, save it to cloud storage, etc.–essentially, have a plan B to access your PowerPoint!). Come dressed in business casual attire to give your presentation. Print a copy of your presentation script or outline. It should include your paper’s title and your name. This will be turned in after you present. Your research paper is due separately at the beginning of class on this day.

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