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Companies in new york i would work for

Companies in new york that I would work for are pentagram, the art directors club and firstborn. The reason is because i feel the people who create these designs can help get me started in the right direction with these community and the people that they are invovled with could help me get in with one of them as well.

The companies i would want to work for

I would like to work for twitch, gameinformer or hi rez studios. the reason why would like to work for these companies is because they have communities that I’m apart of and i can see myself being more involved with those companies if im into their communities.

What i gotta say…. Part 2

The paint was hard as i don’t know what. the tape didn’t help me keep the paint in place but that was because I didn’t paste it right. AND the magainze part…. I messed up bad. but what i didnt understand was the values i messed up with the value part as well the project was easy but i had messed up alot of times because i misunderstood what to do or how to do it.

What I gotta say….

The marker composition was hard. the cut out i used wasnt good enough to use and i ended up messing up all. I tried to use the  other end of the marker to mix it but that just made it worst. However, the paper compositions are really good to me. ive shouldve put a little bit more thought to it though. It might have been easier that way if i did.

My goals in design prinicpal

My goal for taking design principle is to get more experience within the creative field. The kind of work inspires me is history. Any kind of history inspires me to create something new and interesting to me. Im also inspired by shows/ movies and games help affect the way I think. I like to work hands on , so if you tell me how to do it , show it to me and then let me do it i can remember how it is suppose to be done. The types of projects i would like to do a mock presentation kind of project that displays or work for a real or fake company.( but for educational projects)


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