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Journal Entry 5

I believe what the type that is found around my area is good enough. Honestly the fonts you find are very basic. They know its fonts you can depend on, very legible and doesn’t try to be too unique. Our area isn’t artistic just full of people that know this is a deli and that is laundry mat. I like it though because they don’t try to be something they’re not.  I also believe that the very basic fonts are a representation of the wealth class. So I live in a very medium class neighborhood so the store owners are very average people. So when I do go to places in the city and see the vibe with the stores I know they’re beliefs are very different.

In a way it’s very human. There’s nothing to dress up because in the end of the day a store is a store. We all go in just focusing on the things we need. We don’t go in to admire the fonts they decided to use or the interior design. Staten Island just isn’t that interested in those topics, after all we are the forgotten borough.

I’m sure you can find many hidden gems scattered around. But from my commute nothing seems to stand out much. The stores are small and there’s other things that may catch your eye instead. The tired students in the morning or vehicles that don’t ever seem to go anywhere because of the heavy traffic that is. Maybe I’ll start appreciating the small decisions store owners make. Because when you notice the small details it shows how much they care and the mood they want to create for their customers.