Project Description

Joseph Montimaire

Professor Huntington

Professor McCullough

Culmination Proposal

13th October 2016

               The “Cuban Swimmer” is a real life story that takes place in the waters of the pacific. This very dramatic, emotional, and passionate story defeats the pessimistic attitudes towards life’s underdogs. The “Cuban Swimmer” takes the audience into the swimmer and her family’s world by putting the audience in the front seat of all that is taking place in the water, sea vessel, and in the air.

Proposed is the MOCK-UP sound design for the “Cuban Swimmer” where I will be the system and sound designer. Creating the necessary elements that will bring this story to life through the use of captured sound from the field, sample libraries, and the creation of sounds through Foley staging. The outcomes for this sound design will produce and deliver the realistic effects as if the audience were in the story themselves on the boat, in the water, and even in the helicopter.

Depending on the size of venue, the cost of the sound system will be determined greatly by the required coverage for the audience and their proximity to the performance space. The cost of all the initial design elements i.e. Computer workstations, application software, sound library fees, licenses, and labor will be just a stepping stone to know where and how big will the play be. As to not only bring constant revenue, but to see how big  and what type of a space will be needed to meet  and accomplish the shows sound design goals.

Proposed Process Model for Completion

  • Acquire the plays documentation as to bring the play to life in the chosen venue.
  • Design the sound system to be used for the play.
  • Choose the required technology, application software, and the sounds that will best suit the goals of this project.
  • Gather and create the sounds that will be used to bring play to life.
  • Remember to continuously document and consult with the shows community (I.e. director, set designer(s),etc.) as to have the smoothest possible workflow.
  • Timetable for this project is three months until open of show.