Portfolio Assignment #7 – Student’s Choice

For student’s choice portfolio assignment I have decided to do a graphic design document, a poster about blood donation. I wanted to encourage people to donate blood, as well as use my creativity and implement different design elements to my work. Basically, in graphic design document I could use what I have learnt from Advanced Career Writing class as well as from my Art classes.

I used photo of a little girl, who has a cancer and her father. I was thinking about unusual, catchy title for my poster that could get audience’s attention right away and I came up with “My daughter is not my type”. I think it sounds provocative and helps get people attention, even though it is clear that text relates to blood type and blood transfusion that father cannot give to his daughter. I used light fonts and pink color for a background to emphasize sensitivity and empathy to the little girl. The lightest font I used was for the phrase “Are You?” to create a soft connection with audience instead of just asking for donation. I also created QR code, which leads to the Red Cross web site, where target audience can make an appointment for blood donation.


photo was taken from Internet