Paragraph about Project

During the process of this culmination project I learned many things that are vital to my career moving forward. One important thing was time management, and how making a concise calendar can really help work out what needs to be done when. I also learned that reserving cameras as soon as possible is best, since doing it later basically wastes time. Another major roadblock was the script, as it really took me awhile to structure it and make sure it works and didn’t feel messy or choppy. Overall, the process was kind of a wild ride, but I learned so much from doing it that it was all worth it.




Item Retail Price Status Cost
Google Pixel 2 Camera $600 Owned $0
Zoom H4 Field recorder $200 Borrowing $0
Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Microphone $100 Buying $100
Premiere Pro $252 Owned $0
Auray MS-5230T Tripod Microphone Stand

Cameras (Canon & JVC brand) from ENT Video department

$ 25






Total $125