The things I’ve learned. . .

When I came into this class, it really felt like a fresh start for me.  Probably because I had just recently switched my major.  The reason I switched was because I knew that drawing /designing was my best suit, I probably don’t compare to the other many talented students in my class, but it was always fun being able to learn from one another.  I may be the most quietest person in the class, but I’ve taken in so much.  I was able to learn many new terms used for designers that I also plan to use in the future.  I now know how important craftsmanship is and I also know that I have to work harder at it to become decent.  Most importantly, I was able to give it my all without giving up and I’m truly thankful for the opportunity and more to come.

Cooper Hewitt Visit

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 11.39.49 AM

This is a Shader packet. It was created by Bryn Imagire and created by Pixar Animation Studios.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 11.47.10 AM

This is a Concept art. It was created by Ted Blackman andcreated by Pixar Animation Studios.

This house was used for the movie “The Incredibles” and I like how they actually took the time to come up with all the colors and the interior of the house.  I always thought the creators didn’t care much for these things people would pay much attention to because we’re mostly always paying attention to the characters.

Overall, it’s a very interesting process.

Just another City Tech student with an open imagination~