in this project we were asked to create our own app. my app is basically a MacDonald menu where the user has to chose from his or her meal soda size and fries size. after that       the app will tell how much the item cost. then when the user press the finish order button the app will display what the user chose and how much will the total be


in this lab we were asked to create an app called  quiz me bacillary what this app does is to ask the user questions and the user has to answer the program will determinate if the user answered correctly or not.

lab 7

in lab 7 we were asked to create an app called mole, it is bacillary a mini-game where the objective is to hot the little mole. the mole in this app has to appear on random places and every time you hit the mole 10 times the background image has to change for another one. also it has to have a counter of the times you have hit the mole and how many times you have missed it.

lab 6

in lab 6 it was asked to create an app called¬†paint-pot¬† this app will let the user draw on a picture. This picture can be a preset one or a picture taken with the phone’s¬†camera. Also the app must have three¬†different¬†colors to draw and the options to do a big dot, an small dot and a button¬†to wipe the screen.

lab 5

for lab 5 is the first time app inventor is used. in app inventor is a system to create apps for    android phones. in my opinion this app inventor is way more easier than python because it has a graphic inter-phase.

for this project we were asked to make an app that when you touch the picture of the animal it will play the sound the animal does and it will show its name on the bottom of the screen


lab 0

title = 'this is a string'
index = 0
result = ''
while index < len(title):
    letter = title[index]
    result = result + letter 
    index = index + 1


Hello world!

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