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Field Trip to Battery Park City, NY

Today, we went to see Porphyrios Pavilion at Battery Park, NY. We went to expand our knowledge about how to measure accurately, what are the good ways to observe any structure, how the surrounding effects the role of specific structure and how the structure is suitable or unique to its surroundings. When, I was observing the Porphyrios Pavilion, I noticed that how this structure is standing out in that urban area and how the shape and size of structure is completely different from nearby structures. I think, architect Dmitri used Greek architectural technology for his inspiration because I am able to see how he shifted the orientation of structure, so we can see the perspective side of building and he used columns for support like Greeks used for their buildings. Also, he is a Greek architecture so, I think he basically had no difficulty coming up with that idea. We also measured this structure and sketched it for record and our professor explained usPavillion about that pavilion and how to measure correctly. Therefore, the placing of  structure, its orientation and unique design for its surroundings creates some sort of drama and slightly represents Greek architecture. Overall, it was a nice trip to  great place.