About Myself

Lets see something about me to put on this site. well i guess i can say how i like to cry myself to sleep in the corner lights all turn off thinking about what i’m doing with my life or in general. its sad being me so don’t continue reading because it will be random words to make this as long a possible. the word apple thinking about the word is not great the cat jump to the moon the cow went bark the lion is walking on two legs crazy not really stop reading it only random words please the boy went meow. the movie is the movie the soda went sizzle the truck went up and down the hill not knowing what stop he had to get off. What you still reading this congratulations on getting this far you now know what goes inside my head noting amazing but just random thought. Thank you for wasting 30 second reading about me you the m.v.p FB_IMG_1445788316986

This is me most of the time trying to figure out what should i do with my life. Also how i looked when the professor is talking and i’m here staring at him with this face not knowing what is going on and whats happening i’m dead inside someone please help. Don’t be shy to leave comments add me on this whatever you want to do but know this if you leave a negative comment i’m just dying inside more