For my culmination I would like to design, install and program the Set and Lighting

design for the fall/winter season at Words of Life Christian Center. I’ve volunteered

here for a number of years and believe it to be a place where I have the creative

freedom I’d like in order to produce something great. Additionally, I would be able to

expand my portfolio and become a more attractive hire for companies going


I intend to work with both Professor Chip Scott and Ellie Mallardi in order to achieve this to

the highest degree and with the most complete paperwork.


The paperwork will consist of the following:

1. Design Abstract

2. Set elevations

3. Set plot

4. Build Schedule

5. Budget

6. Light Plot

7. Section

8. Lightwright file

9. Shop order

10. Martin MPC show file

11. Magic Sheet

12. Photos of the entire process

13. Cue list

14. Show plot sheet