Electronic Profile Assignment

Hello Everyone, Id like to start off by saying thank you for visiting my ePortfolio. I am excited to have you here.

My name is Darimari Pujols and I am from Harlem New York and am currently starting my first semester at the New York City College of Technology. My major is Hospitality Management. Before starting my college journey, I attended Frank McCourt High School in Lower Manhattan, where I began to find my interest in the hospitality industry. Being surrounded by restaurants, I began to wonder how they run. Seeing my mother cook, being surrounded by restaurants, and constantly talking to someone also interested in the industry lead me to choosing the hospitality management major. Today, I am here ready to begin learning more about the industry with hopes of one day owning my own restaurant.

In order to achieve my goal of opening a restaurant, I need to consistently work on the things that I am good at as well as the things I am not good at. Personally, I think my strengths are I am determined, and a good listener. Some skills that I am consistently work on improving are my communication skills. When it comes to communicating my thoughts, ideas and goals I struggle because I am shy. I know that these skills are essential to being successful so I am always working on finding ways to improve. This semester, I hope to better my communication skills through course assignments and zoom meetings.


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