Show Two : Show Report

Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show

Deck Manager Sue Brandt  Notes by Sue (Email her if you need any edits)

City Tech Theatreworks 11/08/22
7:30-10pmNext Performance  12/13/22

Time started: 7:35pm

Scenes: fourteen acts

Video shoot and stream Steve And SaadThe PTZ camera had to be scrapped. The position was too close to the rigging point the performers we are using. Rudy will work on another solution. Should be ready for the last performance.The production was successfully live streamed and recorded by the video students.  The Facebook livestream was stopped midway, but that was due to Bindlestiff Cirkus not having rights to the pre-recorded music and Facebook flagging the stream for that reason. AUDIO/PROJECTION John Hprojector shutter control will be added to the QLab station so that the projector wash can be turned off during blackouts.  Lighting will need to warn the QLab operator when blackouts are coming.  I told Ellie about this this morning.Lighting was on bright on the screen for most of the “exquisite failures” video.The screen up/down should be streamlined for the future so we are not projecting on the wall as we did with the merch song.Many QLab cues were missed/wrong cues played. Lots of confusion on cue calls/goes/etc.  Will discuss and get recommendations in our sound postmortem tomorrow.Want to add an “emergency music” track.  Apparently, Keith asked for a segment t. e played under one of his segments and the operators played an existing act’s track longer which was not optimal.  Our students just do not have the experience with QLab to jump around quickly and do things like that on the fly (and they will not because by design we have someone new every month).  But we can build an emergency generic track that can be fired any time.
Scenery/Props and Paint Andrew/SamanthaScenic crew cleaned the stage at the beginning of the call.Upstage scenic wall painted and installed more scenery for next performance Lights EllieSpotlight com box went out during tech. Turns out the cable run for the spot was too short to reach the run position.The Mac 301s were cued Into the show during tech, but during the performance Ellie noticed flicker on video monitor so she parked them out. Will need to look at Settings again.Add one circuit of cutesy power run from catwalk 1 to DS left boom. 
MGT Sue and LeahMeal break missed. We will check in with Keith about cut offs for teching late arriving performers. W Audience Count: sixty-eight       Rigging John M Two performers were rigged for event One silk One single rope
Bindlestiff Staff  Keith Artistic Ekat General ManagerEllia Front of HouseLaura Streaming See notes at end of page      ArtistsKeith MCArgenis Ramlogan – diaboloRichard Saudek – clownAaron giant hoopHilary Chaplain -clownBrianna Clements – hoopsMegumi Yamada – aerial silksEllia Bisker – merch pitchExquisite Failure – KeithRich Potter – clownMiss Joyce- Unicycle and hoopsJustin Weber – yoyoMatthew Silver – physical comedianDoug Stewart – aerial rope  

Bindlestiff Notes from Keith


Opening show music needs to start louder, it should be a definite increase in volume from the preshow music. Want the first notes to be a punch that it is show time.

We can set a level on this, but there seemed to be some confusion about when this was to start.  We should tech that for next month.  


Turn my mic on the second someone is taking their bow, or ideally before acts bow. When it feels appropriate, I often say their name as they are finishing their bow.

I will pass the note on.


Making sure that crew should generally be on the upstage side of things. I think we should run the mic set up for Ellia, it will always be a moment of moving parts, and would be good to make sure that Ellia is the focus, even as screens, mics, and everything is moving about. We can use her set up as a good teaching moment.

Since there is so many moving parts on this, we should definitely tech that as well.

I will let Sue/Ellie figure it out but if there’s time, we could actually rehearse this before the day of the show.   We have been scrambling this whole semester just to get things built but should settle in on some of these things.  

Streaming Tech notes

Just to add a quick note from me on the livestream end – during the “community bulletin board” (post-intermission) the music is drowning out the speakers. Would it be possible for the audio that is going out over the stream be turned down a bit during that section, since those folks do not have mics? Also, the video looks beautiful and we are getting a lot of compliments from the livestream audience!



Calendar info:  also, on google production calendar (public) email sue if you want to be shared)

Tuesday12/13/22Next performance

Final Proposal

Danielley Ostolaza

Ent 4499 – Culmination Project

Production Manager

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus

Executive Summary:

Production manager for City Tech Theatreworks production of Bindlestiff Family Cirkus variety show. My purpose for this event is help keep the artist and show organized and ready to perform. To complete this task, I will keep an open communication with the performers, from the time they enter the building, participating in technical rehearsal, perform their act during the live performances. 

City Tech Theatreworks collaborates with a resident company to produce live events for the city Tech community. This year the resident company is Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, it is an open mic night to present emerging and professional circus variety artist. They cultivate and develop celebrating tradition while maintain circus arts as current accessible and relevant. 

This project will be executed by creating a transparent communicating system between myself, the producer, and technical team collaborating on the show.

I predict the results of my effort will include as smooth running of each show, with little to no issues between each artist. 

Learning by doing will be a huge outcome, networking with the artist for possible future employment, becoming comfortable collaborating with a team, discussion making 

Project Description:

As an Entertainment Technology major within these Four years my main focuses have been lighting and Management. I have taken the classes and did an internship as the stage manager for a play called: Bloom but there is always a need to learn more in this field. My end goal when I graduate is to be able to find a job as a light designer or a stage manager. For my culmination project, I will be combining all the skills I have learned in classes and my internship in my focuses for the fall show: Bindlestiff Family Cirkus.

Production manager 3 live events, City Tech Theatreworks presents Bindlestiff Family Cirkus variety show

*Add def of production manager and stage manager


  • Meeting with artist and production staff 
  • Develop paper trail for live events 
  • Managing the artist

Project Deliverables:

  • Rehearsal Schedule 
  • Tech Schedule 
  • Build schedule 
  • Load in and out schedule 
  • Notes on work throughout the event 
  • Planning and execution of the vent 
  • Collect Images and Video  
  • Poster 
  • OpenLab Portfolio 

Schedule or Calendar:

-Weekly meeting starting next week 

-practice with Keith (Before the show)

-Tech “week”


-create gant chart 

     2nd Tuesday of each month (October-December)

Required Resources:


-clear com




-stage manager tool kit


Get from sue

Proposed Table of Contents/Portfolio Outline:

  • Introduction 
  • Methods
  • Show reports 
  • Call sheets
  • project budgets – Estimate vs actual
  • Project calendar – Estimate vs actual 
    • materials and labor estimate 
    • Build schedule 
    • Load in and out schedule 
    • Forms
    • Photos and videos of event
  • Conclusion 
  • Annotated Bibliography