Final Project

-My idea is to create soundboard app featuring one or multiple famous characters and some of their famous catch phrases.

Here’s an example…


Final Project: Soundboard App

Description: This is a soundboard app of the famous actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.  This app includes a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger dressed as “The Terminator” and some of his famous quotes, along with a nice bonus, the terminator theme song! -The sound that you touch will highlight red to keep track of what was already played, if you want to remove the red highlighted button, simply hold the button. Otherwise enjoy.

Code: This is the Final Project


Screenshot>>>Final Project part 1

Final Project part 2



Blocks>>>Final Project part 3

Final Project part 4 >> Final Project part 5



Running The App>>>Final Project part 6        Final Project part 7


Final Project part 8

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