Project 1 revised

My name is Dongmin Lin. I am 18 years old. Currently I am a freshmen enrolling in the New York City College of Technology. I came from China, and Chinese is my first language. This September is the turning point of my life, because I went to the college. It is a new environment to me; it felt so unfamiliar to here. Although that I like here a lot. I never ever attend a school that is so far from where I live. I live in flushing, and I barley take the subway, Miss direction often lead me to get lost. I like children very much, I am a girl with a target, and I am also chasing my dream. I like stuff that is made by hand, such as knit scarf, cross-stitch. My passionate is about crafting, cutting papers and making small and delicate objects. I am also very patient. In the next five thru ten years I can imagine my self-sitting in a studio working with my good friends and colleagues. My design aesthetics are simple and easy also with some delicate detail in it. When I come to a new place I would be very shy, but I sincerely hope that everyone in our class can become good friend. I am an optimistic person.

My avatar is a photo of myself. My best friend took the photo. And it was taken on the way to school during last winter’s morning. This image is very meaningful to me. At the time, I lived with my best friend. My friend and I were in same class together. We nearly spend all our times together. My friend enjoys taking photos for me, and she helped me to record my life. We ate corns for breakfast every morning because we think eating corns can lose weight. You can me with black under eye bags because I don’t get much sleep, especially now I have college.

When people look at my avatar they might think I am a very active girl. Actually they are really misunderstood. I am very shy when I communicate with someone that I am not familiar with. Then you might think I like to eat corn. However, that is not what it seems. Actually I do not like to eat corn now. The reason I said this before is because it was that that time of the year, I was on my diet, and that’s why am ate corn everyday. You rarely see me with make up. However, I like makeup. Makeup can make me feel very confident and it makes me feel like am a new person. However, I want to arrive early and be on morning in class, and that’s why you don’t see me with the pretty makeup on in school.

My profile will convey my character, interest and my goal. You may think it’s very hard to communicate with me. But actually it is not. I want to upload this photo because I was a lovely and cheerful girl when you really know me. To be honest I like to make friend, and cherish every friend of mine. You may notice the hat and scarf in my avatar. Yes that is my favorite color, wind red. And the beanie and scarf have taken me a long time to weave. I know there will be countless mistakes before succeed, but I it wont hesitate me to stop trying. So I do not like to easily give up the things I am interesting in, even though it is difficult. But still, I will not lose my passion for advertising design. One of my goals is to graduate within four years. I know if I want to master the skill of English will not be easy. But I believe there will always have pay will have harvest.

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