Project 4

Choose beautiful route more meaningful than the ordinary route. It only takes a few minutes difference between the beautiful route and ordinary route. Beautiful route can gives people a good mood along with it, it also attract people. There are several ways to show the beauty of routes: The natural beauty, the beauty with color and the beauty of art. Knowing these will easily leave a deep memory in your mind. New York City is an outstanding place, its beauty just need you to spend 10 minutes for you to explore it. This is a city where you live; you should know its beauty. But often people in New York miss the beauty of it.

New York is a city that doesn’t sleep, people works day and night. Due to the pressure everybody have they will feel busy and tired every day, therefore they will select a destination that’s the shortest and fastest. The shortest route might be the fast way for you to get to your destination, but are you really happy about it in such a route where you will be bored and preoccupied with quickly reach your destination? But if you choose to walk another route you don’t normally do, it will give you have a good mood. You might think that time is money, but money cannot buy a good mood. The good mood into work or study will make you more effective. For example, the detour from City Tech to Jane’s carousel, you will find that it is a pleasant journey.


One example how you can get there is once you at our college go down left from the school gate and then cross a road turns left on TILLARY Street. You’ll see the natural beauty of a park. The Cadman plaza park is in Tillary Street and Cadman Plaza east junction. Initially the name of the park is Brooklyn Bridge Plaza. There are 10.4 acres, built in 1940, where as an extension to the parking.(Cadman Plaza Park) this park will let you feel the beauty of nature. There are full of trees and grass that can let you sleep in the green kingdom. “Its plantings, lawns and trees are extremely attractive.” (By Raanan Geberer) Trees and grass in the park can lure people. The city is full of buildings and heavy traffic, people need natural plants to ease the mood, so the natural beauty of the park attracts a lot of people come here to relax. Most appeals to you in front of a grass, where the most beautiful moment in the afternoon. The sun shines on this piece of sowing light green grass, a group of children playing on the lawn, and even some excitement in that baby learning to walk, even if the fall is not afraid, because of the warm grass to protect him. When you walk from the on-chip lawn, the sun shines on you along with the meadow you are lying on. You also feel the warmth, as if this city and you embrace. With the child’s laughter and joy jumping efforts run the city will let you feel the power of laughter.

Walk straight down from Cadman Plaza E to Water Street you will see the beauty with color, the gift store. The store’s exact address is 45 Washington Street, Brooklyn NY 11201. In the route the focus is that this is a gift shop door. The name of the gift story is called Dabney Lee. This is not an ordinary gift shop gift shop because the furnishings have been carefully arranged. Through the transparent glass door and saw inside is colorful, a little shop hung a red light. Red gives you a feeling of warmth and happiness. And hung with colorful handmade paper-cut, full of gift shop stood. Vision through this glass door makes you feel everyday seemed too festive. Festivals will always giving the feeling of joy, so the store can gives you a feeling of happiness.


Turn right from Water Street to Adams Street, then turn left you will find a track. This is not a flat road, the road is uneven gray stone mosaic pieces together, and rock and crevice of the rock is clearly visible. It looks very old. On this road there is a section of track, you would think this is a historical mark, which seems to take you into the history of the track, giving you endless reverie space. This track started on April 10th, 1888 and closed on March 5, 1944. (BMT Myrtle Avenue Line). The Myrtle Ave El traced the starting point Fulton Street El to the end Fulton Street, and then Route has been through Adams Street, Myrtle Ave, Wyckoff Ave, and Metropolitan Avenue. (By Mark S. Feinman) Now, the focuses are the shoeprint on the track. You can imagine what it is like. What is only a small part? When you carefully observe the tracks, you will find this track a line, which has several small pink footprints, although it looks very simple. But the details of the painting very well. Shoeprint was in front of very obvious, but gradually disappeared. Evening would be the best time to go there, the golden sunshine on this road, just comes from the front, and this is so fantastic. On this old road, which makes you think this city is telling you that he had, but also arouse you to think about your ever.

Finally, you walk down on Adams Street then turn left on Plymouth Street, and then you just walk straight down on Plymouth Street you will find the destination. This is a wonderful section of the journey; just spend more 10 minutes than ordinary route!

But some might say the shortest route is the best resolution to the destination. We can always spend a little extra time to enjoy the great vista of the city of Brooklyn. Life is too short for us just come and goes, so why don’t we all enjoy it better.

Choose beautiful route more meaningful than the ordinary route. Over all New York is a city with non-stop action, because everyone is in a hurry to go to work or school come. Therefore we missed the beauty of the city, every little corner of the city are hidden beauty, just use a little time. The unknown workers whom we don’t know are working everyday to make a little declaration for this city. You will be able to enjoy it. I too understand the struggle we all have, you have work I have school. However a little time of yours on your way home can change the whole mood, therefore just use it wisely.

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