ADV1100 Project #2 And Reflaction

DLMashupHIRES copyanimated mashup (without sound) (with sound)


This was my first time to use audio in my project. First I was sketching while listening to music (it took me about 10 minuets). Then I started to design the sound wave on the Bristol. I drew 11 different type of music pictures on my Bristol. I use three different drawing styles to express the music I heard (it took me 40 minuets). After I scan my work to my computer from Staple( It took me 2 dollars). Next step was the most difficult one step that I began to make the animated mashup by using Adobe Photoshop. This was my first time to use the Photoshop so I learned how to use it with the help of YouTube. I finished my project and learning it at the same time (it took me about 5 hours). Finally I used popcorn maker to let the animated mashup combined sound (it took me 1 hour). This project took me too way to long. But all efforts are worth it, because I learned many new skills. Although what I made was not perfect, but because it was the first attempt to it, I already felt satisfied.


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