Hi my name is Diego Lasluisa, currently I am a student of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design Technology.My major is Industrial Design and I expect to get my associate degree in the fall of 2013.I have always liked the Design and the manufacturing processes of products.It is so at present I am currently employed at a company which manufactures electronic scales.

The field of design and manufacturing is so large that I have had to learn many aspects of the same.It is fascinating to see how a material is transformed into a product from the simple idea,then the sketch,programming ,machining using CNC machines and at last, the final product.Being in contact with these aspects of Manufacturing and Design have allowed me to acquire several skills such as setting up a CNC machine, operate a CNC machine , and programming the machine using Mastercam Software. I have 10 years of experience in this field and thanks to the NEW YORK CITY COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY I have managed to upgrade and refine my knowledge.I’ll be continuously publish my projects,I hope you enjoy them.Thank you very much for your time.