I am a licensed Registered Nurse who is in the processes of completing my bachelor’s degree in nursing. I have always wanted to be in the health profession but was not quite sure exactly what I wanted to pursue. The opportunity of nursing arises, and I did not look back ever since. I fell in love with the nitty gritty scientific aspect, anatomy and physiology of this profession and would love to pursue the surgery aspect of nursing. I assisted in community centers and elementary schools in providing knowledge to undeserved communities. I worked in a nursing home and I am currently working in a hospital in New York. I grew up in a family of health professionals and seeing them work hard and achieving the goals they wanted to, motivates helps motivate me that hard work pays off. My passion in this profession grows every day, as well as my knowledge and understanding.

The Nursing courses i have taken is as followed:

Medical Calculation in Nursing

Foundation of Caring

Caring for Clients 1-6

Physical assessment

Management of patient care

Nursing Research

Community Health

Case Management

Client care/Urban

Pro nursing practice

End of Life