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Luckily we only have to write about four things a student should do to help them succeed in this course because the list can go on. Anyways I went on a CUNY retreat over the weekend with several CUNY clubs. The retreat was enjoyable to meet new people and connect, however the retreat primary focus was leadership skill strategies that’s can help you in your life. So receiving this question was on point, four things I need to have to help me succeed in this course is time management being conscious over the amount of time I need to be spend on working on the essay. Critical thinking finding reasons and purpose in the essay and making the essay flow. Planning everything in my school life and personal life so I can focus on my most important topic and lastly prioritize what comes first, second, third etc.

Blog #3

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The most amazing  thing about my topic that I need everyone to  know including Facebook is …….I’m changing it for the LAST TIME ! It’s hard to choose the right topic for me because there’s so many things that can be written about in the Hospitality industry. I went from nightclub to people with disability in the Hospitality industry and now about tourisms in Mexico. I promise this is my final change, since I’m restarting again I need to create a problem that is happening in the Hospitality field and connect it with Mexico. The main reason I pick Mexico because when I visit there it was one of the few reason why I fell in love with the Hospitality industry and begin to study it.

Dominique Jamison-Jones: Blog #2 (Problem & Solution)

Within a couples of days researching articles about my topic “Nightclub”, I have decided to change my topic about disabled people working in the hospitality industry. Even though I love learning about the nightlife industry, working on a different topic I don’t know much about will keep me more interested in writing a ten pages research paper. The problem I have come up with my topic is “The misconception people have of hiring people with disabilities in the hospitality field”. So far I have only brainstorm a couple of solution to the problems: the companies can come up with a hiring process and how to place certain people with disabilities in the proper departments. I truly feel that my topic isn’t just about writing a paper but telling others about a topic that should be more know in the hospitality industry like technology, organic food, and employee training but it’s not.

Dominique Jamison-Jones: Blog # 1 (Why I pick my topic)

he reason I choose nightclub as my topic of choice because my future goals is to open my own night lounge in the future. So this would be a get opportunity to research more into the night life industry and focus on the problems instead of the positive . However it’s becoming a challenge to create a problem beside the obvious such as underage drinking, drugs, and theft. Hopefully in a couple of days I can find a problem that will keep me intrigue to write a ten page paper. However my other choice I might be interested in is event planners, robotics, cruise industry and workers (with disability) in the hospitality industry.

Hardwell at Hakkasan Nightclub in Las Vegas
Hardwell at Hakkasan Nightclub in Las Vegas


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