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Remote controlled webcam using Arduino, SensorMonkey, jQuery and


I like this project, because this can be used as a succulence system for surveillance system for your house, or any other place, and it can be controlled through web interface, such as panning and tilting etc. this project is good if you are away, and you wanted to keep a eye on your door.

Android Phone & IOIO Controlling Movit Robotic Arm

this is a IOIO based project using an android phone to control Movit Robotic Arm. i like this project, because you can use a phone to control a robotic arm. now, this is just a beginning, probably in the near future we could use phone to control an entire robot, an artificial intelligent. who knows, but this is definitely amazing.

Android Video on RGB Matrix

this is an android video on an RGB matrix. i like this project because it has a lot of fun making them.