Crediting the art work


 by Viet-My Bui (“Viet-Mee Buoy”), a 24-year-old Vietnamese girl living in Melbourne, Australia. This year she graduated with a Bachelors of Law degree from the University of Melbourne. However, she is a really talented artist as well. The subjects of her drawings are mostly beautiful female characters. Enjoy! 😀
Funny story about the artist is that my friend Griffin knew her and loved her art work and she showed me her work and was honestly amazed and determined to get this good in time !
bitch_got_steampunk_n_cannon_by_ravenskar sw_08__darkuriko_by_ravenskar
*most of her art work is amazing beautiful woman draw incredibly on both digitally and threw a sketchbook


From what i saw from the other students ive had a seen of what went down as they did the project a sense of true craftsmanship was needed and time and patience for each shape and time with the perma marker was truly needed patience for if rushed it would look very messy. It also taught the lesson of organization and planing before jumping the gun


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this exercise is to have the feel of figure ground  although this isn’t what the exercise meant for me to do this was work from my beginner classes of fundamental basics of art during the summer but the exercise is to have a sense of craftsmanship concentration of spacial placing of the black and white shapes both organic and geometrical


AJ Frena is a Alumni student from SVA and she is an artist that i have taken a interest on their style and realism. Although their an illustration major and my being towards an animation major the art is very a creative and no sense fashion which makes it so unique

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