This project was one of the collage projects and this was a fun collage. The hardest part was finding a good back ground that could work with the pictures I cut out. Once i got everything together i just had to place everything together. this project was very laiedĀ back and it was a good way to bring the semester to a close.



This paint project was by far one of my favorite projects of the semester. This was also one of the hardest. It was very hard to get the tones and shades mixed well. Once I got that down packed I then had to the turn to get a good design of different patterns and colors. It was very difficult to get them to work together. I tried to go for a nice bright and neutral color scheme. I am very pleased at how this project turned out to look.



This project was our second paint project and it was one of my favorite paint projects. What I liked about the project was the freedom to do a unique shape for the color wheel. One of the hardest parts for this project was getting the mixing as close as possible. After I painted the primary colors and the secondary colors i had to go from black and white. I put that in the middle. It was a challenge to get it to go from black and white. I had to play around the amount of white i had to put it.




This was the very first project we did in class. This project was one of my favorites because of the different type of shapes I made. Another reason why I liked this project was how the negative and the positive worked together. At first the hardest part was trying to make shapes that stood out. Once I got the hang of making the different types of shapes it became very easy where I wanted things to go.


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