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Shot List

1. wideshot

2 Closeup

3 wideshot

4 close up

5 closeup

6 wideshot


8 wideshot


10 close up

11 medium shot

12 medium shot

13 close up



Scene opens out with kid drawing on wall, his mother rushes to clean the crayon marks with her new product WD40. She tests Wd40 on different household items, she tries it on a bike wheel, door hinge,her favorite shoes, and leather couch. suddenly a robber enters through the door, scared she sprays the wd 40 in the robbers eyes. the robber tries to rub his eyes, but ends up making the pain worst.Mom is proud she was able to stand up to the robber, and says” wow wd 40 does have over 2000+ uses. closes with a painting of the wd40 logo and bowl of fruit.