The app that me and my partner Kester Fredericks created for you was a who’s that pokemon quiz. We made the app based off the show Pokemon. We wanted to make the app feel as if you was at home watching pokemon and they was asking you to guess who’s that pokemon. The app is to see how much of a pokemon fan you really are. This app allows you to guess what type of pokemon is in the image. In the app we made the picture the button so that you could hear how each pokemon would sound. The app goes from one screen to another when you click the next button and when you click the check button it tells you whether your answer is correct or incorrect. The app is something you would want to play if you are home bored and a huge pokemon fan. Me and my partner tried to split the work in half so we have about 10 different screens and i did five of the screens and for the five screens that i did I also added everything it needed in blocks editor. I tested the first five screens to make sure that they all work smoothly before we was ready to add anymore screens. I also found all the pictures that is being used in the app and added to the first five screens the sounds my partner found. My partner tested the app once is was finished and tested myself again to make sure it still works.


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