Interview Questions

  1. What your name?
  2. What do you major in?
  3. What do you se yourself as in the future?
  4. Who influences you?
  5. Are there any brands you have taken interest in?
  6. What is something interesting you what people to know about you?
  7. What are your goals for now?
  8. Are there any skills you have acquired in college that you didn’t have before?
  9. What is your dream?
  10. Who has supported you so far?
  11. Is there anybody famous you look up to?
  12. Have you liked doing fashion since young ?


Reaserch paper first draft

Pepsi Logo

The Pepsi logo is based on a 100 year history behind its brand name and company. The Pepsi logo image has changed since the late 1890’s to today. The brand was created by a New Bern, N.C. pharmacist, Caleb Bradham also known as the first president of the PepsiCo company. The company has now grown into a worldwide market for Pepsi and has taken other brands under its wings, also making millions in the process.

Originally, the Pepsi Cola was created by Caleb Bradham in 1893. The birth of the Pepsi-cola happened after a family crisis forced Bradham to drop his pursuit in medicine and return home to North Carolina. During his time in North Carolina he taught school for a short period of time before opening a drug store on the corner of Middle and Pollock Streets in downtown New Bern. His drug store was the birthplace of the Cola drink, but it was not until August 28, 1898 that the drink was renamed Pepsi-Cola, before then the drink was called Brad’s Drink. The Pepsi-Cola company was formed around the year 1902 do to the rise in popularity and demands for the sugary drink. By June 16, 1903 the Pepsi Cola became an official trademark and business began to grow. It was until 1904,that the Pepsi-Cola Syrup sales reached around 20,000 gallons. As demands for the drink kept rising, Bradham decided it was time to offer Pepsi-Cola in bottles. In 1905 the Pepsi-Cola received its first change to the logo name since 1898. The next year the logo changed yet again and came with the slogan, “The Original Pure Food Drink.” in 1906. The reason for the slogan was because in 1906 the U.S  federal government passed the Pure Food and Drug Act, banning substances such as arsenic, lead, barium, and uranium, from food and beverages. Pepsi-Cola, being free of any such impurities, claimed they already met federal requirements. During the last four years the company began to grow and expand until 1910 by then there were around 240 franchises in 24 states. Also during the same year it was when the Pepsi-Cola Company held their first Bottler Convention in New Bern. The company not only experienced high moments but also low ones too. Real difficult times fell on the PepsiCo franchise during WWI that by May 31,1923 the Pepsi Cola was officially bankrupt and sold their assets to Craven Holding Corporation for $30,000. But after many years of struggles and many years of ups and downs the PepsiCo franchise still stands now better than ever. It was even ranked #1 on Core Brands list of Most Respected Companies and The company was also ranked #41 on the Fortune 500 list, in 2012. Leading up to the present moment being named among Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies in 2017. The logo has gone through change and it is still changing giving a fresh new look as the time goes.

The man who came up with the Pepsi logo was none other that Caleb Bradham……..


Research Outline

Topic: Pepsi Logo


  • contains brief history of the logo and company
  • sums up change over time
  • company history
  • origin

1st body

  • in detail of the company history leading up to the creation of the logo
  • generations
  • logo creation and creator , ideas, inspiration

2nd body

  • importance of the logo, colors, writing
  • change over time and why

3rd body

  • Pepsi Marketing

4th body

  • what other people think about the logo
  • influence on other logos



Research Logo Topic

I choose the Pepsi logo as my research topic because the logo has had a huge change from the late 1890’s to today. The brand was created by a New Bern, N.C. pharmacist, Caleb Bradham around 1898. Since then the logo has grown worldwide making millions in the process.

Banner posted

This is the banner I came up with, Originally I wanted to create the background myself but then decided to choose an image I already had from my gallery and alter it by changing the colors to make it look more presentable and use my name as the text.