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This logo represents me Because the simple bold black text cropped out with 3 colors is indicative of the basic style that I emulate in my work. In much of my art I tend to keep things simple by incorporating as few colors as possible. Also by bolding the letters and then cropping the edges, it gives the appearance that the words are more impactful than they actually are. Plus your focus is easily drawn to the colorful circles which could easily be replaced with other visuals.

About Me (Bio)

“But man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated.” – Ernest Hemingway.

My great passion is bringing inspiration to people who have been struggling with finding their passion in life. I like to help people, including teens, adults and families, to find strong perceptions of themselves and strengthen their confidence so they feel they can achieve anything.I know that no single approach is the right one for every individual, so I specialize in being personable, friendly and open with everyone i meet. This is the hopes that i can get any and eveyone to open up to me and therefore better advice on my part.

I have a Associates Degree from Kingsborough Community College in Liberal Arts and i am currently enrolled in City tech to further my education in web design. My Goals are to Own my own design firm in the next 5 years.

Inspirational Quotes


Teachers inspire hope by showing their students that they can do absolutely anything they put their minds to. Teachers show their students the things that they are capable of, how to set goals, and how to reach those goals. The whole time teachers are doing that, they are giving their students the support they need to know they can succeed.

Inspirational Quote


In September 1998 South African President Nelson Mandela visited U.S. President Bill Clinton in Washington and expressed support for the beleaguered chief. During a White House reception Mandela employed the adage to emphasize the need for resilience when facing adversity.