Primitive Shelter : Igloo 


The igloo is a primitive shelter founded by the Eskimo. The Eskimo found a way to use the snow,and ice as a way to shelter themselves from the harsh cold winter, they had to confronted every day. The block ice was an effective way to keep the cold wind from coming inside, but it also was a way to contain heat inside the igloo. The interior of the igloo can have a temperature of 19 degrees to 61 degrees Fahrenheit. To build one yourself, you must lay the ice cube to in a circular base, while stacking the ice cube a top of each other, until you form a dome. It is important to have a 6 inch open circle at the top of the igloo, so if you are using fire, the smoke has a way of leaving. They are best used during the winter, where the ice is would keep it’s shape because its dangerous to use it in the summer, where the ice will melt. This mean that an igloo is a shelter that is use for short term, due to the changing weather. The science behind why heat is unable to leave the igloo, is that snow is an excellent insulation because of the intricate shapes of the flakes and in its ice state it is a poor conductor of heat. When you think of igloos, you’ll think a 2 people live in it, but that is where you are wrong, this shelter can hold up 20 people at time, which is the equivalent of a small village. You can find these shelters today, if travel to Eastern Siberia, Greenland, parts of Canada or in Alaska. Anybody can live in or make an igloo, but nowadays it is mostly used as hunting camps.

Plans : Villa Almerico Capra Valmarana



The Villa Almerico Capra Valmarana is labelled as one of the 100 diagrams that change the world. Created in Vicenza in northern Italy, at 1592, as just nothing more than a country house, would be be hailed as “the quintessence of high Renaissance calm and harmony.” The Villa Almerico Capra Valmarana has inspired thousand of subsequent building, but the building itself was inspired by the Pantheon, in Rome. Who created this building you may ask, well it was no other than Palladio, himself, he’s one of the greatest architects of the Italian Renaissance. When you look at that the floor plan itself, it looks like a simple plan to make to the untrained eye, but it has unique qualities that makes this building special. These qualities consist of symmetry, geometry, spiritual flow, space and facades. The floor plan has 4 lines of symmetry going horizontal, vertical and two vertical lines at an angle of 45 degrees. Symmetry is when you put a mirror in a certain location of the drawing you’ll see an exact drawing on the other side, but without using a mirror. This makes it different from most plans because the majority has at least one line of symmetry, while this is not being a square, has 4 lines of symmetry. The Villa Almerico has about 3 geometric shapes that standout of the floor plan, which are a square, rectangle and a circle. The entire building is made out of 6 square, while the interior of the building has a circle in the middle of the building and the all the room are rectangular shaped room. The reason for the shape, it gives the building space awareness and a spiritual flow. By looking at the plan’s symmetry, you can see that all rooms are symmetric at vertically and horizontally, has the same equivalent space. Thus, spiritual flow can exist because there is no object that blocks you from going all around of the room and nothing blocks you to go to another room. The most noticeable feature of the plan’s is that has four facades, which mean faces. Since there are 4 facade, you can enter at any of the sides and plus, all of the side ares exactly same as the other side. These qualities help define this building as one of the diagrams that change the world.

Battery Park City : Pavilion

Front View:


Roof plan:



Floor Plan:


Perspective View:



The Porphyrios Pavilion was created by Demetri Porphyrios to be something unique. What is so special of this simple design, you may be wondering, it is special due to the fact it is both a structure and a sculpture. It is a place to take shelter from the sun deadly ray and from rainy days. It’s a sculpture because it is a beautiful piece of art, due to its simplicity and location. Being located in the big apple (NYC) at Battery Park, gives this sculpture big meaning to it. NYC is often considered the city that never sleeps, due to the fact that its cities that works all day and night. The Pavilion, ideally is when one can be transported from one state mine to the next, when an individual pass through it. It gives you a different state mind because the pavilion acts as an entrance to a place, which it is peaceful and calm, which is the park, from a place that never stop working called the city. It can work either way, depending which way you are leaving. Demetri designs the building with multiple, different architectural style. The Pavilion resembled an ancient temple, with a roof resembling a Japanese roof or shrine. The first 4 columns, you see on one side are made out of wooden pylon, which are usually found on native structure, and the 2 columns behind it, is made out of curve brick that holds up the roof. The roof is made out of copper instead solid stone. In the center of the building that holds the brick columns, are made out of marble. Those are the material once can see, but there are some unique qualities that stand out for most individuals, which are the façade, geometric shape, shapes and symmetry. It has 4 faced because each side you see is a face and an entrance to the structure. While the floor and interior roof plan follow two basic shapes, which is a square and circle. The space on the stairs and pillar are all evenly space out, which gives the idea of simplicity. Depending on what you’re looking at the Pavilion, it has about one line of symmetry because of the wall disrupted it from having more lines of symmetry. There’s only 4 line of symmetry when you look at the interior roof plan, because the wall isn’t visible that disrupted the line of symmetry. The Pavilion is best used to meet up with friends, have a piece of mind or at some special cases a great place for marriage. Pavilion is a simple design that is unique in the way that uses a lot of important architect key points, to make something simple.