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Dr. Lubie G. Alatriste
ENG 1101|Summer 2021

This course is an experience in language use and social aspects of language. Students will engage the topics of linguistic bias, bilingualism, language policy and change and gendered language. They will view video […]

COMD 2320 OL15 11310 Introduction to Video

Michael Cannetti
COMD 23202 OL15|Summer 2021

This course is an introduction to the basic components and practices of pre-production, production and post production methodologies for content creation in commercial video and film. Students will learn the […]

SOC1101 Elements of Sociology Model Course

Jinwon Kim

This is a cloneable Model Course for SOC1101 Elements of Sociology.

English 2001: Intro to Fiction

Caroline Chamberlin Hellman
English 2001: Intro to Fiction|Summer 2021

Fictional Summers


Dr. Lubie G. Alatriste
WkShopENG1101ML/EL021WSU2021|Summer 2021

This workshop is designed for students who were registered for SP 2021 in the following courses: ENG 1101 ML, and EL021W, but have not yet earned CUNY proficiency indicators for reading and writing. Additionally, […]

GOV110: American Government

Peter Parides
GOV 1101

An overview of the structure and characteristics of the American political system. Topics include the branches of government, the Constitution and civil liberties, political parties, interest groups, citizen […]

DEN-1200 Summer 2021

DEN-1200 Summer 2021

Anna Matthews
DEN 1200|Summer 2021

This site will be used in Summer 2021 for DEN1200. Announcements, course documents, and lectures will be posted here. The site is currently under construction, but current DH freshman students are invited to join […]

English 2400: Films from Literature

Caroline Chamberlin Hellman
2400|Summer 2021

storytelling on the page and on the screen

OpenLab Sandbox

Bree Zuckerman
OpenLab 101

Sandbox course for OpenLab workshops

ARCH3612 Design VI Summer 2021

Jill Bouratoglou
ARCH3612|Summer 2021

Prof Jill Bouratoglou Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 8:30-12:40pm

test course

Cailean Cooney, Sean MacDonald

test course


Mark Noonan

English 2002 is an introduction to drama, a course in which we will study plays written during several historical periods drawing from many cultural traditions. We will approach plays as works of art, reading, […]