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Psychology of Adjustment 1100-6800

Psychology of Adjustment 1100-6800

Randolph Schutz
Social Science|1100|Spring 2013

This course is an introduction to selected topics in psychology.

Bio1101 section 7929

Bio1101 section 7929

Maria Sol Flaherty
Biological Scie...|Spring 2013

coming soon

Personnel/Organizational Psychology

Personnel/Organizational Psychology

K Barboza
Social Science|2404|Spring 2013

This course offers an introduction to the psychology of behavior at work, including the major theories, their applications in the work place, and related research studies. This field of psychology goes by a […]

ARCH 2410 – Design IV Spring 2013

Architectural T...|ARCH 2410|Spring 2013

The architectural process involved in designing small and medium size projects for specific building types. Scope covers initial research and analysis, program developement, flow diagram, schematic design, and […]

Medical Surgical Nursing

Medical Surgical Nursing


This is where my course description will go.

Macri course

Macri course

Dental Hygiene|Spring 2013

Clinical Hygiene stuff

History of Technology

Geoff Zylstra
Social Science|HIS 3209|Spring 2013

This course surveys technological changes and the development of a technological society in North America from Native American inhabitation to the late twentieth century. It focuses on the relationship between […]

Broadcast Design II

Broadcast Design II

Erik Larson
Communication D...|3630|Spring 2013

Theory and practice in advanced forms of digital video. Emphasizes the integration of special effects incorporating typography, graphics and photography. Students create an advanced digital video project for […]

Professor Belli: ENG 1121 / 5477 (Fall 2012)

Professor Belli: ENG 1121 / 5477 (Fall 2012)

Jill Belli
English|ENG 1121|Fall 2012

Professor Belli: ENG 1121 / 5477 (Fall 2012)

Interaction Design

Amelia Marzec
Entertainment T...|MTEC2120|Fall 2012

This course is an introduction to Interaction Design, encompassing the physical process of designing for interaction and enabling students to think and speak critically about design problems. Students will work […]

Digital Photography

Communication D...|GRA 2330|Fall 2012

This course will explore the foundational concepts of light and exposure in photography. The student will develop framing and compositional skills as well as an understanding of photography as representation. […]

Math 2580/6653: Intro to Linear Algebra

Suman Ganguli
Mathematics|2580|Fall 2012

An intro course in linear algebra. Topics include systems of linear equations, linear transformations,vectors and matrices, properties of matrices, the invertible matrix theorem, determinants, […]