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IND2401 Furniture Design

IND2401 Furniture Design

Masato R. Nakamura, Eng.Sc.D.
Mechanical Engi...|IND2401|Spring 2013

Course Website: Course Profile (this page): Time: W 6:00 – 9:20 PM Room: V/0511A Instructor: […]

ARCH 3610 Advanced Design

ARCH 3610 Advanced Design

Architectural T...|ARCH 3610|Spring 2013

An Advanced Design studio with an emphasis on a more complex building organization. The primary emphasis is in the further development and exploration of design principles involved in creating appropriate […]

Telling Brooklyn Stories

English,Humanit...|1101 / 1330|Fall 2012

Prof. Justin Davis Prof. Jody R. Rosen * * * * * Brooklyn is a collection of neighborhoods and location, a microcosm of the world. This semester, in Telling Brooklyn Stories, we will explore Brooklyn […]

Calculus I

Ezra Halleck
Mathematics|Mat 1475|Spring 2013

Topics include functions, limits, differentiation, tangent lines, L’Hôpital’s Rule, integration, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and applications.

Digital Photography

Digital Photography

Communication D...|GRA 2330|Spring 2013

This course will explore the foundational concepts of light and exposure in photography. Students will develop visual literacy as well as framing and compositional skills. Students will become acquainted with a […]

ARCH3510–Architectural Design V

Andrea J Johnson
Architectural T...|3510|Spring 2013

In response to the havoc of the recent storm and its long-term impact on our communities, this semester’s design projects will focus on disaster response issues, specifically at the location of the Zone-A […]

Professor Belli, Advanced Technical Writing, Spring 2013 (5592)

Professor Belli, Advanced Technical Writing, Spring 2013 (5592)

Jill Belli
English|5592|Spring 2013

Course Description: An advanced course in effective technical writing techniques, including traditional technical writing forms and world wide web communication. This course will have students use electronic […]

Community Health Nursing – Tuesday

Community Health Nursing – Tuesday

Nursing|NUR 4010|Spring 2013

This course builds upon the student’s knowledge of nursing and provides the requisites required for practice as a community health nurse. The focus is on health promotion, disease prevention and maintenance of h […]

English 2001 / 1240 (Introduction to Literature:  Fiction)

English 2001 / 1240 (Introduction to Literature: Fiction)

Rebecca Mazumdar
English|2001|Spring 2013

English 2001 / 1240, with Professor Rebecca Devers

Digital Photography II

Digital Photography II

Communication D...|ADV |Fall 2012

In this advanced class, the emphasis will be on creative problem solving with photography for the Communication Design field. The emphasis will be on using style to transform subject matter in order to communicate […]

HUS 1207 Human Service Seminar

Professor Parrish
Human Services

This course prepares students for their internships the following semester.

Biology 2 LAB 1201L 3093

Biology 2 LAB 1201L 3093

Prof Vanessa Hubbard
Biological Scie...|1201L|Spring 2013

This is the laboratory portion of Biology 2 course that is a continuation of the Biology (BIO1101) course, focusing on the basic description of living organisms ranging from Prokaryotes to higher Eukaryotes. […]