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LIB 1201 – Research & Documentation for the Information Age – Section 3930

Ian Beilin
Spring 2012

In this course we will explore issues in research and documentation for text (in print and online), images, sound, and multimedia. You will investigate where information comes from and how it is organized in both […]


Architectural T...|1250|Spring 2012

The application of the fundamental techniques of site planning principles and the use of topographical maps and models. This course will explore the importance of site development as it relates to architecture and […]

Calculus 1 Honors 1475H

Calculus 1 Honors 1475H

Satyanand Singh
Mathematics|MAT 1475H|Spring 2012

Calculus 1

Spring 2012 – Product Design I

Spring 2012 – Product Design I

L. Amaya-Bower
Mechanical Engi...|IND 3610|Spring 2012

This course introduces to students the basic theory and the key factors related to the successful product design and development. It presents a new approach to building products. Topics include basic product […]

AP2 Lab

AP2 Lab

Biological Scie...|Spring 2012

under construction


Fall 2012

Project-based Lab: Tt is impractical to expect the undergraduate level students to immediately undertake a complex team-oriented design project. Therefore, the course contains some preliminary projects to expose […]

Human Services Seminar

Dr. Faridul Alam
Human Services|HUS 1207|Spring 2012

This course is a pre-requisite for the field-placement/internship as well as human service practice. It includes an introduction to the assessment of multiple vulnerable populations, use of supervision, ethical […]

ARCH 1110 Architectural Design 1: Foundations

ARCH 1110 Architectural Design 1: Foundations

Architectural T...|ARCH 1110|Spring 2012

Architectural Design 1: Foundations is the first course in the one-year foundation sequence which increases the student’s ability ability to perceive visual cues, create visual design, formulate concepts and […]

Architectural Design V

Architectural T...|4172|Spring 2012

This architectural design course deals with design development and detailing of a design problem introduced at the beginning of the semester. The class will focus on the interior renovation of existing buildings. […]

Learning Community 1200-1290

Prof. Paul King
Architectural T...|ARCH 1290|Fall 2011

An Architectural Learning Community blending traditional hand drawing skills with Computer Aided Design and Parametric Modeling

Graphic Principles 1

Graphic Principles 1

Professor Rosenblatt
ADV1100|Fall 2013

The study and use of graphic elements and principles geared to the development of sensitivity to the nature of graphic relationships and their control within a given framework. Finding solutions to problems of […]

Pharmacology DEN 315

Pharmacology DEN 315

Dental Hygiene|Fall