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PSY 1101

PSY 1101

Nancy Jeudy
Social Science|D892|Fall 2013

Inroduction to Psychology

Dining Room TUES A.M. Spring 2014

Dining Room TUES A.M. Spring 2014

Adrian Murcia
Hospitality Man...|HMGT2305|Spring 2014

HMGT 2305

Telling Brooklyn Stories: ENG 1101: English Composition

Jody R. Rosen
English|ENG 1101|Fall 2011

Brooklyn is a collection of neighborhoods and location, a microcosm of the world. This semester, in Telling Brooklyn Stories, we will explore Brooklyn through archives at the Brooklyn Historical Society, our own […]

Motion Graphics I

Motion Graphics I

Erik Larson
Communication D...|3521|Spring 2014

Introduction to the theory and principles of motion graphics. The course will explore the role of motion graphics in dynamic digital media for film, video, television, the internet, DVD interface design, video […]

Storyboard Concepts

Storyboard Concepts

Erik Larson
Communication D...|3523|Spring 2014

The storyboard is the visual version of the script. It consists of a number of panels that show the visual action of a sequence in a logical narrative. The storyboard is used as a tool for production or to […]


Professor Faculty
Architectural T...|Spring 2014

Fake Course

CET4773 Microcomputer Interfacing – Spring 2014

Dr. Benito Mendoza
Computer Engine...|CET4773|Spring 2014

This course covers electronic interfacing technologies and techniques required to connect computers to internal and external systems and other computers and components. Topics include Local Area Networks (LAN) and […]

GRA3532, Print Production for Designers, D384, Spring 2014

GRA3532, Print Production for Designers, D384, Spring 2014

Prof. Matthew C. Lange
Communication D...|GRA3532|Spring 2014

Print Production for Designers focuses on current print production procedures that can ready designers for real world policies, procedures and accountability. Understanding printing processes is an essential part […]

MAT1372 Statistics with Probability

Ezra Halleck
Mathematics|MAT 1372|Fall 2013

A 3 credit but 4 hour introductory course. Topics include sample space, expectation and variance, binomial, Poisson, normal, student and chi-square distributions, confidence interval, hypothesis testing, […]

Design Foundation II Arch 1210 Tuesday & Thursday Fall 2012

Prof. Tim Maldonado, William Valdez
Architectural T...|9559|Fall 2012

Architectural Design II: Foundations is the second course in the one year foundation sequence which increases the student’s ability to perceive visual cues, create visual design, formulate concepts, and render i […]

1230 Building Technology II

1230 Building Technology II

Daniel Friedman
Architectural T...|1230|Fall 2012

Fall 2012 Professor Friedman Weds 3:30 – 5:30 Fri 3:30 – 5:30

English 3402: The Graphic Novel

English 3402: The Graphic Novel

Rebecca Mazumdar
English|3402|Fall 2012

This course is designed to introduce students to the genre of graphic novels. Required readings represent both Eastern and Western comics traditions, and range in publication dates from around 1930 through the […]