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Anne Leonhardt
Architectural T...|ARCH1210/ARCH1291|Spring 2014

Design Foundation and Visual Studies are integrally linked courses. Many of the projects feed on the knowledge derived from the paired course. This site contains course assignments, student work examples, […]

Intro to Women Writers-Hybrid Spring 2014

Jody R. Rosen
English|2150|Spring 2014

Official description: This survey course is designed to introduce both men and women to the writings of selected women writers, through readings by both major authors and less well-known writers. Issues of form, […]

Documenting the U.S. Economy through the Lens of New York: Learning Community

Sean MacDonald
English,Social...|ECON 1101; ENG 1101|Fall 2014

Using local communities as a ‘laboratory’, this learning community looks at how the challenges of job creation, economic development, the minimum wage and income inequality are reflected in the real world of the […]

English 1121

English 1121

Nadine Lavi
English|1121|Summer 2014

Level 2 English course (required) on Introductory Literature covering poems, plays, and short stories.

Intermediate Computation and Fabrication, Spring 2014

Charlie Able
Architectural T...|Arch 3690|Spring 2014

This course, the second in the digital fabrication certificate sequence (following ARCH3590), focuses on the development of parametric tools and digital prototyping techniques. Beginning from the study of […]

LIB 1201 – Research and Documentation for the Information Age – Section D932

LIB 1201 – Research and Documentation for the Information Age – Section D932

Ian Beilin
Library|LIB 1201 |Spring 2014

This course explores research and documentation for all media formats including text, images, sound, and multimedia. Students will explore information issues, especially in terms of their relevance today: how […]

Graphic Principles 1 ADV 1100

Desiree Alvarez
Communication D...|ADV 1100|Spring 2014

This hands on mixed media course explores the basic principles of design and develops fluency in the visual lexicon.

Introduction to Industrial Robotic Automation for Architectural Manufacturing

Brian Ringley
Architectural T...|Spring 2014

This Perkins-funded, non-credit bearing pilot course will give students a basic introduction to the world of industrial robotic arms and automated manufacturing. An architectural assembly will be proposed, […]



Nursing|NUR4130|Spring 2014

A variety of professional, historical, theoretical, ethical, and health-related issues relevant to contemporary nursing are discussed. Students will use a variety of professional tools such as in-class forums to […]

ENG2000 Perspectives Sp2014

ENG2000 Perspectives Sp2014

Rebecca Mazumdar
English|2000|Spring 2014

A survey of key themes in literature

GRA 2330 Digital Photography

Communication D...|GRA 2330|Spring 2014

This course will explore the foundational concepts of light and exposure in photography. Students will develop visual literacy as well as framing and compositional skills. Students will become acquainted with a […]

ENT1190 Intro to Video SP14

ENT1190 Intro to Video SP14

Carrie Dashow
Entertainment T...|ENT1190|Spring 2014

An introduction to the basic components and practices of preproduction and production methodologies for content creation in commercial video and film production. Through lectures, reading assignments, screenings […]