Eleventh Journal

Internship is ending soon, for our last days I designed ADs for El Mekkah and started on a new project for an app. Our client is a Security Training company. We did research and played around with their color schemes. This client was kind of harder than the rest because he didn’t have much photos that we liked so we’re having a little trouble. Our supervisor is helping us get photos and we will work on it later.



Tenth Journal

We started a new project again, this time our client is Walker Wear. Our client sells clothes, so we based our designs around shopping. We did research about their company and their clients that they had over the years and took note to that. They had a site already, so we took some of the ideas and used it in our app. After we create this app our supervisor will go and talk with the client. We have class on that day, so we couldn’t make it.




Ninth Journal

Today we met with Juice For Life. We had some grass shots and it was good!!! I had brought my camera and took some decent shots in their store. We can access our demo apps through our phones, and showed our client. The manager loved our app and was going to tell the boss about it. We then left, and they were going to get back to us.

img_6657img_6647img_6672 <(our supervisor took this shot)

120416_juiceforlife_demoapp (<CLICK HERE) some screen grabs.

Eighth Journal

This week we were working on ADs for our current clients. I created an launch AD for Free Arts NYC. This was one of my favorite project because I got to create something from scratch. I also created ADs for Juice for Life and also El Mekkah. Our supervisor was very helpful giving us help whenever we were stuck. For example, creating mock ups, he would tell us if our mock up was scaled right or if our pictures we were using match with their brand.

We will be meeting with Juice For Life for our Demo App. (Very excited)




Seventh Journal

We don’t have events where everyone in the company meets. Usually we have small group meetings in the beginning of the day with me, Patrick and our supervisor. He will then tell us a project and what he expects to have inside. Then me and Patrick will brainstorm about what to have for our client. That would mean we do a lot of research about our client and gather images and think about what typeface would relate to their company. Our supervisor will stay with us for the whole day working side by side with us. If we had any questions we would just ask him and he would guide us to the right direction. Our supervisor is a great mentor and willing to help us whenever we are stuck.

Durning this week we have finalized Juice for Life’s app and we are going to schedule a meeting with them. They are the radio talk show called The Breakfast Club, that invested in a juicing company.


Sixth Journal

I would say the first project that I was given, it took me awhile to get a hang of what to do. To be honest I was very nervous in the beginning because I was so scared that I would mess up and get fired. I was very lucky, to have such a patient and caring boss that took his time explaining and giving me suggestions to help better my work. With this in mind, the first project took longer than it should have, but then in the future projects that I was given, it took me less time. And I felt more comfortable using their software and just designing the layout for new clients.

Fifth Journal

My first project that my boss gave me was to search online for a non-profit organization and help them create an app. I felt like this was to get my feet wet, and then as I learned what was required in creating an app, he would then give me actual clients. This project was solo, and I did everything on my own. But my boss will always lookout for me, by telling me what to add into my app. Also just giving me pointers on design layouts and how to use their software. I felt like I was very successful because I could handle the amount of work that was given to me. And I felt like I learned a lot.

Fourth Journal

Right now when I am working for this company, I feel like it works with my major. I am a graphic design student and I do a lot of type work incorporating with images for sliders in apps we create. We do a lot of mock ups of what’s inside the app that we design. Once we create an app, we also work on posters for launching the apps and I feel like everything goes hand and hand with Graphic Design. Everyday when I come into work, I have cereal and then my boss will give me a client and I will have to do a lot of research about them. Then I will have to gather images and links of my client’s history and create an app that can help promote them more. My boss gives me a good amount of time and I never feel rushed or pressured.


Third Journal

In my workplace, it is like a WeWorks but smaller. There is just a big space where there are couches, tables and chairs everywhere, and outlets. You are able to sit anywhere to do your work, and I feel very comfortable there. Our workplace is informal, I usually dress very casual or sometimes I wear a shirt. Everyday I start work at 10am and work till 5pm, and I get a 1 hour lunch break. There are also stations for coffee and candy. Plus a lot of cereal, everything that is in that station we are allowed to eat/drink. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Haha!


Second Journal

The role in this company is I am the designer. I help design photos and typographic placement for the apps. I also create PDF mock ups for what’s inside an app that I create for my clients. My supervisor is the boss of the company. I got this job by emailing him first, and then getting an interview. During this interview it was only with my supervisor and it was a 10-20 minute interview. During the interview he asked me questions like, what was my portfolio link online, what do I see myself doing in the future, what was my major, why do I enjoy doing what I do, and when will I be able to start working.

When he asked me when I would be able to start working, the amount of joy I had was indescribable.