College Assistantship Position in Programming Languages Available

# CUNY Diversity Projects Development Fund (DPDF) College Assistantship for Spring 2016 at New York City College of Technology

## Fund Description
The City University of New York (CUNY) Diversity Projects Development Fund (DPDF) was established by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Management to support educational projects scholarly research, creative activities and other programmatic initiatives that promote multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion, affirmative action and nondiscrimination for the benefit of the University community.

## Project Description
The research project will consist of the beginning steps for creating a programming development environment particularly geared towards helping college students learn Computer Science and Software Engineering concepts. The application created will ultimately be used at New York City College of Technology (NYCCT) of the City University of New York for beginning programming classes to ease students into programming with an industrial programming language.

This early phase of the project will consist of **surveying** existing, related technologies, and **designing** and architecting a new system. Application **prototyping** is also a possibility. This project phase will be completed during the **Spring 2016 semester**.

## Internship/Independent Study Option
If your major has an **internship** or **independent study** requirement, it may be possible for you to fulfill that requirement through your participation in this College Assistantship program (indicate your interest on the application form).

## Qualifications
A college assistant with strong programming (particularly Java and JavaScript) and **analytical skills** and experience is desired. The following requirements apply:

### General Qualifications
– Minimum of **30 credits** completed (Upper Sophomore).
– Good overall academic standing (**3.0 GPA or higher**).
– One or more **faculty references** from relevant disciplines.

### Specific Qualifications
– B or better in **MAT 1375** Precalculus.
– B or better in **CST 3513** Object-Oriented Programming (or equivalent programming experience in Java or other major Object-Oriented programming language).
– **Work sample**: a sample program (source code, clearly commented, GitHub account is acceptable).

### Desired Skills and Experience
Applicants with the following skills and/or experience are particularly encouraged to apply:

– Java
– Javascript
– Web technologies (HTML, CSS, AWS, MAMP/LAMP, etc.)
– Web services (JSON, node.js,, websockets)
– Unified Modeling Language (UML)
– Relational Databases (MySQL)
– Eclipse Plug-in Development
– Front-end compiler technologies

## Duties
– Assist in statistical and research activities.
– Collect, compile, and report on data regarding **existing, related technologies**.
– Assist with **software design** and architecture.
– Assist with existing technologies **integration** plan.
– Assist with development of **prototype** applications.
– Assist with development **server deployment** management.

## Program Details
This College Assistantship for Spring 2016 will run from **February 1, 2016** through **May 15, 2016**. Research Assistants must be available **20 hours** per week, compensated at a rate of **$15/hour**.

Note that the project will continue. Continued participation may be available for outstanding participants.

## Contact
Interested candidates should email Professor Raffi Khatchadourian at

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