Course code: PHYS 78100
Title: Computational Methods in Physics
Number of hours, credits: 4 class hours, 4 credits

Course Description:

This course introduces many of the computational techniques commonly used in physics or more generally in computational science. Techniques used for numerical calculation, numerical simulation, optimization and data science will be discussed. The course will focus on understanding the considerations that go into designing a numerical algorithm and the limitations of any numerical method.

Recommended Texts:

Computational Physics, Mark Newman, 2012. ISBN-13: 978-1480145511. Amazon Link


1 Introduction to Python             Chapter 2
2  Plotting in Python                Chapter 3
3  Integration Chapter 4
4  Differentiation Chapter 5
4  interpolation / root finding
5  linear algebra           Chapter 6
6  FFTs                       Chapter 7
7  ODEs                     Chapter 8
8  fitting/optimization
9  PDEs                     Chapter 9
10  Monte Carlo       Chapter 10
11  genetic algorithms
12  parallel computing
13  machine learning
14  data mining

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