Assignment 3

Assignment 03 (Spring 2014)


Define a Surface in a 12″ x 12″ x 12″ volume. Create a revolved surface. Use the Panel component to describe and comment/label your definition.


Create at least 3 versions of a revolved surface geometry. Please save your grasshopper (.gh) files to your dropbox folder. Please create a separate grasshopper file for each version. Refer to the syllabus for the file naming conventions for dropbox submissions.  These are due before the next class on Tuesday 02/18/14.  Late assignments will receive a grade penalty.


  • 3 versions : 45%
  • Fits within the bounds of the volume (12″x 12″x 2″): 20%
  • Demonstrates Proficiency with Tool : 25%
  • Labeling /Organization of Dropbox / Correct File Naming: 10%



Class Video:

Spring 2014: Revolve and Panelize
Fall Videos:

Fall 2013: Week 5 Panelization Part 1

Fall 2013: Week 4 Revolve Surface

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