One thought on “Project 2 – CompV2-TylerFulwood”

  1. Hi Tyler,

    I have never played Mario Bros. (For shame I know.) But I know enough about Mario to know that he has a lot of history. That being said I think you did a brilliant job telling Mario’s tale.

    I think you have vastly improved since the last draft! It looks a lot cleaner now and I like how you scaled everything down. Your ability to take feedback is incredible!

    Some of my notes on this is that the diagram of Mario seems sort placed there haphazardly compared to the rest of your infographic. I think you can scale down the parts of Mario to make room for a subheader to let the reader know that this is a different but still relevant part of Mario. I also recommend removing the hyphens throughout your text. Little tweaks to remove widows and stuff and you are well on your way to a good Mario infographic!

    Good job!

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