Learning Self-Analysis for the Program

My baccalaureate education has been very effective in facilitating transformation on my continued journey to nursing excellence. Through a combination of learning styles and strategies I am successfully achieving my educational goals. I have gained further insight into the profession, and the need for reflection and self awareness in evaluating my competency for the nursing practice. The nursing practice is complex and continuously evolving and the BSN program exemplifies this, and it has given me the impetus to actively engage in learning core nursing values, ethical principles, theories, research and evidence based practice. Client centered care is the focus of nursing outcomes and I have learnt that it is achieved through communication and collaboration with inter-professional teams, and the application of evidence based practice. Care executed must be safe, of a high quality and be grounded in a culturally appropriate manner to achieve positive outcomes. Critical thinking, along with professional experience and evidence based practice guarantee this.

The political and economical environment as well as local and global public health governance impacts the health status of individuals. I have learned that strong advocacy is necessary to protect and maintain the dignity and rights of individuals who are trusted in nurses’ care. The BSN program has charged me to focus on continuous self-evaluation, lifelong learning and professional growth to advance the nursing profession, and shape social policy, so I would be competent in the health process that define the holistic delivery of health care in a rapidly advancing health care industry.