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Resume Exchange

ACI Student Club

ACI City Tech student chapter is a club that provides students with connections, resources, and opportunities to be successful in their studies and ultimately in their careers. The American Concrete Institute […]

Wizz Wonders Game Development

Jason Birchfield, Behlul

The Wizz Wonders club aims to provide a community for students interested in all things game design to congregate and express their creativity. We are in partnership with the Bronx Gaming Network! We put […]

Mechatronics Technology Center Research Lab & Club

Andy S. Zhang, Leticia Donkor

Platform for students from different engineering departments to engage in mechatronics research and to work on hands-on mechatronics projects.

Anime Gaming Underground

Anime & Gaming Underground is a social club where people who are interested in animation, Japanese anime, animation/anime card games (such as: Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh), roll playing games, and video/computer games can […]

NYCCT  Runners Club

NYCCT Runners Club

For anyone who loves running or wants to start running. We should start up a day of the week we can go on group runs around the school area. Maybe Thursday during school hours.

Party Club

Jimmol Singh

Party on campus and off campus. Message for more info.

PTW Club

Khemraj Persaud

The PTW Club aims to foster academic, social, and professional growth for students interested and invested in professional and technical writing. By nurturing a welcoming and (active / engaged) community, the club […]

CityTech Math Club

Suman Ganguli, Johann Thiel

Weekly math seminar with presentations accessible to undergraduates.

New York City Tech Lacrosse

Torsten Ramos

For New York City Tech Students who are interested in starting lacrosse club

Together We Can

Together We Can

Together We Can ! This club is about giving back to our communities by working together with our peers. The goal of this club is to raise awareness and providing help to relentless New Yorkers. We will come […]

City Tech Connections Club

City Tech Connections Club

This club was created to inspire leadership and student citizenship for all City Tech Students. Here at City Tech Connections you will enjoy a multitude of activities such as: visiting museums, hearing from guest […]