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Advice on a new design…

I was thinking of new ways to make both of the floors and the exterior skin relate to each other more and i came up with a new concept that eliminated the gap in the middle, extended the floors to meet all 4 edges, extruded the walls to meet the ceiling, and … it slanted the floors. I definitely  like this version better than the other iterations. i just don’t know if you can slant the floors and i would like to know if this is permitted (Professor Clay). This is a rough rendering and i dont know if i should spend more time on this if its just going to be rejected by you but Please take a look.

ps: the first floor might look slanted but its not, it gives the illusion of it being slanted, only the second floor is slanted. floor height on the new is 27 feet max. the before one is 12 feet

also the slant is 4% … 6 degrees


AFTER; slanted walls…




BEFORE; slanted walls (sladly.. still my main design and still in process)



Sample building massing diagram

I came across this morning – it’s a perfect example of what we’ve been talking about in terms of a diagram explaining massing choices. Take a moment to look at line weights, what is shown and not shown, how changes are indicated.

The whole project (a school in France) is here: