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The Roosevelt Island is a very tiny island that lies between Manhattan, Queens and Long Island. It felt very safe and mellow as we walked around the area. The population is very small consisting mostly of college dorms.                                                                                                     Some cool facts about Roosevelt Island was that in the 1800’s, there was a lone hospital on the island for patients with TB. So this idea of isolation kept on through the flowing architecture on the island, the buildings were following one similar design. There are paved paths  with grass, and trees.                                                                                                                                                         The repetitive flow of the architecture on the island did not take away from the water being so near.I’d like to think of the Roosevelt Island as the Concrete Island, it preserved bits of Nature with trees and paved grass sections. I’m excited to pursuit that flow for with my structure.img_18071 img_17571img_17791 img_17901