Suzanne Miller and Megan Behrent

We are thrilled that Julia Jordan and A.E. Dreyfuss have endeavored to create an online volume highlighting work from City Tech Writer. Having been around for more than a decade, City Tech Writer has published hundreds of student voices that can now be heard again in this online selection!

As always, we would like to acknowledge President Russell K. Hotzler, Provost Bonne August, Associate Provost Pamela Brown, Dean Vazquez-Poritz, and Dr. Stephen Soiffer for continuing to make City Tech Writer possible. We would also like to recognize English Department Chair, Nina Bannett, for supporting faculty and student collaboration. In addition, we would like to acknowledge Juanita But and Rob Ostrom for their work on the project, and Julia Jordan and her team of students in the Faculty Commons for their expertise and guidance. Finally, A.E. Dreyfuss has worked diligently and thoughtfully to select and feature pieces from the fourteen volumes of student work and to manage the many logistical tasks involved in launching this online edition.

We would like to thank the current editors of the journal—Lucas Kwong and Mark Noonan— and recognize those faculty members who have devoted time, energy, expertise and passion to editing the journal since its inception in 2006: Jane Mushabac (2006-2014), Johannah Rodgers (Guest Editor, 2010), George Guida (Guest Editor, 2012), Suzanne Miller (2015-2018), and Megan Behrent (2016-2018). Finally, we would like to especially acknowledge Professor Jane Mushabac, who started this journal in 2006 in order to demonstrate the importance of celebrating outstanding student writing.