Greetings! Welcome to my City Tech E-Portfolio website! My name is Chris Isla. I’m a design student at New York City College of Technology. Currently, I am studying to get my Associate’s Degree in Production Management and gearing up to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Design. I was born in 1989 making me one of the last of the 80’s babies and I was raised in Staten Island, NY. Being able to articulate ideas and visuals in creative ways is a gift I will not deprive the world of. I know that I don’t have all the answers, but I’m learning something new everyday and I hope to create some great things with my peers.

When I’m not focused on work and have time to relax and enjoy myself, I’m usually spending time with friends and family. Fashion, music, movies, and food are some of my favorite things. I am the epitome of Generation Y with a dash of Generation X.

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