UFT Print Shop Field Trip

Field Trip to United Federation of Teachers

The field trip to United Federation of Teachers Print Shop, was an educational one.  We were introduced to different printing machines and different methods of printing.  One machine that I like was the Ryobi 3404, digital printing, the work you design is sent to the machine in cmyk and the ryobi offsets the c, m, y, and k.  The ryobi also has four different heads and has a very good print quality and the press is simple to operate and maintain, it has a low cost of ownership, offering a low cost per page for your short-run printing needs.  Another machine that I found interesting was this machine that seals letters into the envelopes. The manager said that it was his favorite machine.  The final machine that I liked was the machine that print t shirt, the designs are printed direct-to-garment {not like silk screen printing}, its similar to ink jetting on paper.  Overall, the trip was, informative and enjoyable trip.




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