Entry 3

Week 9 Day One

I have completed all 120 hours for the internship and it shows by the amount of down time we are getting at the organization. Other than being briefed on the next assignment that starts in about two weeks from now, there hasn’t been much to report. I have finally gotten Daisy to sign off on one of the forms, I am waiting for her to sign off on another. I managed to discuss a ton of copyright topics with her and some of the team. It was an intense day of asking lots of rigorous questions based on how WISE should conduct itself. For the most part I offered my input, but watched the team take a more decisive role within the topics.

Week 9 Day Two

Still not much action to report over here. I have been working on a few sketches for the new assignment that we will be doing. I am a little early, but I would rather have a head start now than never. I haven’t heard back from Daisy regarding that other form. I personally feel that coming onto this experience I could have had a better leader. Going forward, I want to learn to what are the red flags to look for from an employer that might warn me I will be working with someone that lacks professional etiquette. What I have really gotten out of this experience is more or less the cons of working for free.

Week 9 Day Three

I have looked over the sketches and I am slightly dissatisfied. I am wondering how I can make for a more creative layout and should I be sketching or accounting for multiple layouts that will be going into the book? If so I should be investing a little more effort than I am currently. Navigating between classes, work, the internship, a move, and my personal life I am beginning to find it difficult to invest any more time into anything. I am constrained for time and energy and it feels like there LITERALLY aren’t enough hours in the day no matter how hard I try to make it all work. I am still waiting on Daisy to send me the other form and will be reaching out to her to address a whole host of things regarding the forms, the next booklet assignment, and the work load.