Week 1 – The Journey Begins

Entering the first week of my internship I am confident that I can fulfill the duties my position holds as a video editor. Since this internship is remote it is very convenient for me and this week I met with a few of my colleagues and my supervisor. We all created goals that will show growth throughout the internship and make us better collaborators. Since I’ve recently worked at a previous position that worked on the same tasks as this internship I was familiar with the people and the work.


Starting the week off my first task was to start building a script for an admission requirements video for the Computer Engineering Technology department at City Tech. This task contains researching and collecting data to apply to the script it was challenging working off of only the information on the city tech website. I found myself having to paraphrase a lot of the information I found because it was too vague and didn’t describe the program well and appeal to anyone who would consider seeking this degree. Thankfully I was able to complete the script within the small deadline of meeting our client for the first time.

  Week 2 – Working with the client

This week I met the client!! To prepare for the meeting I did as much research as a could so my knowledge of the topic would be up to par for conversation. The client, myself, and my supervisor met on Zoom. It was great learning how to properly talk with a client and ensure that the projects are on track and done to their satisfaction. I’ve built trust with my client and I work to keep this connection secure for future projects. The client and I discussed the script and what corrections and additions we should make to it.

Week 3 – Getting down to business

This week is what I’ve been waiting for, the editing! Now I get to show why I deserve to be here and what I’m capable of. This week my supervisor and I met up with our client once more to look over revisions and suggestions they have made to the script and they were all approved. Now to the editing, as soon as I got started I felt immediately intimidated but then I remembered the saying if you are always comfortable you’re not growing. So I looked over the project for a long time but I still felt lost hoping to understand it soon. After a weekend of rest I look at the project again and eventually, it clicked, I understood exactly what I needed to do and when to do it. It felt truly satisfying and I was able to continue with this project. The reason I was struggling so hard is because the client’s requests forced me to change the structure of my videos so it took longer to build a new structure.


   Week 4 – Being comfortable with criticism

This week was important for me because as a designer I believe you need to take criticism well and use it to your advantage to grow as a designer. There are people out there with far more experience than you and any piece of criticism is free and can help you grow. This week as I was finishing a project for the admission requirement videos that showcase City Tech’s degrees, I sent it to my supervisor and I thought it was perfect. After review, I was sent a lot of great feedback that went over my head and I learned a few new things about the industry standards for video editing and tips for video editing as well it sure did help me grow. I used the feedback to make corrections and now I will continue to use those tips I was given to be more aware while video editing.

                Week 5 – Going above and beyond

Getting closer and closer to the end of my internship this week I felt pressured to get more done to make sure I feel confident that I have done all I can do to show I can be a valuable permanent employee at this company. Zooming through these video edits can be difficult because one little mistake can result in the client sending back the work for multiple rounds of revisions I did my best to avoid this as much as possible. Showing professionalism through quick turnaround times can be difficult because anything from a few incorrect frames to a misspelled word may show the client you’re not good enough.

Journal Entry 6 – Self-Reflection as a Designer

Nearing the end of my internship it is time for self-reflection. This internship was remote and while that does allow for flexibility it also allows for vulnerability as a designer. The creative block can hit and this week it did, that’s when a designer needs to understand him or herself.  Doing something like taking a 15min break and doing something that you enjoy can help stop a creative block, clear your mind, and keep the ideas rolling. This week I used video games as my help, it allowed me to relax my mind and remove that creative block. Understanding yourself allows you to be the best employee that you can be.


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