Intro to Top Captins Apparel


My experience so far as a Graphic Design Intern throughout this semester has been very enjoyable. I began interning in January for a start up clothing company based out of Queens, New York called Top Captains Apparel. The primary business goal for Top Captains is to sell quality retail clothing to consumers. Top captains apparel offers clothing to people of all ages however the target demographic typically ranges from youth to age 35.Many urban hip hop artists and personalities have been seen wearing the Top Captains brand such as singer Tyrese Gibson, Reality T.V personality Stevie J and D.J Envy from Power 105.1. Since the company’s start in 2013 growth has always been the owners main objective.

  Top Captins Apparel is a small company with a total of four employees. The office is split between three separate departments. The first department that makes up Top Captains apparel is the design Team. As a Graphic design intern this is the department that I am apart of. Next there is the order fulfillment team, which is in charge of product packaging and shipping. The last department that supports the organization is the Business Team. The Business Team handles all business affairs and is ran by the owner.

   I came across this internship from a social media post from a clothing line that I already follow. The post was a request for a Graphic design intern to assist the main graphic designer with day to day functions. After looking around for an internship that would fit into my schedule and lifestyle I felt this might be the perfect opportunity for me. That day I contacted the company and was surprised by the rapid response that I received. The company replied back with a request for me to come in the office located in Queens to meet and discuss the role further. I enthusiastically agreed to come in the next day to meet with the Owner Donnell Norwood and the head designer Jeff. The interview went great and about 48 hours later , Jeff contacted and invited me to intern with them for the semester. He informed me that my role at Top Captins Apparel was to be the assistant graphic designer. As the assistant graphic designer I would be in charge of designing logos, Tech packs, hang tags and many other items for the company. Ecstatic I accepted and the following week on January 22nd I began my first day interning at Top Captains Apparel.


Link to and old article about Top Captins Apparel. Link also contains pictures of celebrities wearing their clothing.