Final Project Blender

Hello everyone due to upload size i had to upload the video to YouTube.

Today ill be showing you how to make a burning forest in Blender.

Step 1

Place  a cube onto the field

step 2

hit atl+m then hit at the center to get rid of all vertixs but one.

step 3

Hit e to extrude the vertix and form a tree like shape to hit.

step 4

In the side menu apply the skin modifier to the tree.

step 5

ONce the skin is applied choose any color you please to use for the tree.

Step 6

spawn in a circle to use as the tree leafs adjust to any size you like.

Step 7

copy and past the circles making them look like the tree top.

step 8

spawn a plane under it and adjust size

step 9

click on tree and hit F3 select quick smoke.

step 10

In the side menu change smoke to fire and smoke and then press bake.

step 12 adjust time end to 30-50.

step 13

head to animation menu to see tree go ablaze.